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Security, Surveillance and Access Control


Knowing fully that only a deadbolt and glasses cannot provide the necessary security for your business, it is important to employ some additional security measures in other to be sure that your business is safe from burglars.

Access control systems and surveillance are essential and necessary for various reasons. They are used in areas that need to restrict the movement of people with the help of such security devices. Access Control System in different part of the world is usually seen as the second layer of security added to any physical structure.

Access control can actually be anything ranging from the locks that protect cars and homes to the pins that enable you to access an ATM. All these forms of access control are generally important for the security of businesses. In the US, Access Control System is a very essential tool that is useful for anyone who is seeking to secure sensitive and important data or equipment. They function as a replacement to the primitive methods of security, which provides minimal level of security.

Advantages of security control and surveillance system
No matter how small or how big your business is, security control and surveillance system will add extra security and make your business even more secure. Listed below are a few of the numerous advantages:

The systems help to monitor cash registers and incorporate cameras with point of sale technique.

They recognizes and differentiate visitors from employees.

They help to oversee hazardous work areas, and they can be remotely controlled.

The system recognizes unique traits of person like fingerprints, retina and identity cards. The behavioral aspect of this system is related to the behavior of the person who is under surveillance. Some of these behavior patterns are typing rhythm, voice, pupil dilation and heart rate. The system uses Biometrics to protect your data and homes which makes the environment more secure than a structure protected by traditional security methods such as locks and keys.

This security system helps you restrict the level of access a place has. It also helps you allow only a certain group of people to enter a secured area. The security devices in such places include biometric control systems which work on the basis of face recognition or fingerprint recognition. These types of systems even allow you to automatically lock and unlock doors at an instant when required and restrict access to unauthorized people. The security access control devices are the only security devices that proactively attempt to keep individuals who are unauthorized out of a restricted area.

Some of the features are:

Limiting access – these devices can be programmed to control the access given to users. They can be programmed to allow people to access a restricted area only during a given time frame. They can also configure the level of access a user can be provided. Sometime facilities like internet can be restricted to certain users using these devices.

Automated access Systems can be programmed lock certain points during times of threat. You can block a garage whenever the security system senses a threat.

Important factors to consider when choosing security, surveillance and access control system
Depending on the levels of security you want to maintain in your business, here are some factors to consider when selecting security, surveillance and access control:

Video surveillance: consider if you would like to see faces, long distances, and vehicles.

The security level: would you like to have a system that require thumbprint, or you’re ok with card or key fob?

Places to control: where and how many places do you want to monitor? Do you want time tracking system? These are few of the important things to consider when making selection.

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